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SunGift Energy by Mr Palmer - 10/09/12

Technology: Solar electricity

Product Make: Solar PV

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Scaffoldng company excellent even left me a steel hammer? Solar systems are being sold like the old double glazing companies - the end justifies the means! I was dealing with 3 companies in 2011. 1. Solartwin - who had installed my solar thermal system. 2. Solar Sam - a local company .3. Mole Valley Farmers who had recommend SunGift Solar. SolarTwin was far to expensive £18000 plus Solar Sam price was right but Gabriel Wondrausch  stated the Sam imported hispanels from the far east ie China and SunGift Solar'sgill were manufactured in Norway.  However it was noticed that when the panels were being installed that they were from Singapore. My system cost in June 2011 £14550.  This same installation now in August 2012 would cost approx £7500 because your industry claims the cost of panels have come down.  This is an untrue statement and it is because this government have reduced the FIT payments and you wnat to keep in business.  My point is be honest in selling.

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Dear Mr Palmer, Thank you for your feedback.  We’re really pleased that despite a difference of opinion over the general state of the industry, you are very happy with the service that you received and the system we have installed for you. You make the point that panel prices have not come down.  I’m afraid that simply isn’t true.  The article below, published last month, uses the latest figures from IMS Research which shows that module prices have been decreasing 44% year on year. The point of the Feed In Tariff was to encourage competition and economies of scale, thus reducing the cost of manufacturing components and  therefore bringing prices down.  The Feed In tariff is adjusted regularly based on the cost of PV systems, and not the other way around.  It cannot be disputed that the Feed in Tariff reductions have forced prices down but there is also no doubt that component prices, the main cost of a PV system, have also come down hugely in the past few years.    You refer in your feedback to Mole Valley Farmers, who you came to us through.  Our arrangement with Mole Valley Farmers is that for their members and their installations, we use the products that they specify.  Using their strong buying power and reputation, Mole Valley have been able to work hard to source high quality products and agree good prices for their members.  The REC modules, which were used for your installation, were specified by Mole Valley Farmers as they are a premium module manufacturer who, between your initial survey and installation, 6 months later, moved some of their manufacturing plant from Norway to Singapore.   REC were continuing to manufacture high quality products in both Singapore and Norway until a few months ago.  We apologise for the confusion over this.  Thank you again for your feedback.  We really do appreciate it. Kind regards, SunGift

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