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Eco2Solar by Gary - 07/07/13

Technology: Solar electricity

Product Make: Phono Solar/SMA/Immersun

Product Name: 250W Black

General review of your supplier

This supplier came recommended by a friend but I still went through the process of obtaining quotes from other suppliers.  Eco2Solar would have got the job even without the recommendation. They were knowledgeable, helpful and focused on the customer even when time became pressing as I decided to accelerate everything to get in before the July 2013 FiT reduction - as I assume did most of their other customers.  Their flexibility was especially helpful when I took things to the wire in terms of deciding exactly which panels and inverter to go with. We were also hopeful of obtaining DNO approval to go for 4KWp but that did not come through and final decisions were made late on a Friday evening for a Monday install. Such flexibility is impressive! The installation went incredibly smoothly and the installers made sure all options around where to place the generation meter and cabling etc were fully discussed and that my wishes were taken into account.  Indeed this cost them some time to check with colleagues that my wishes could be accommodated from a technical perspective. The workmanship is excellent and the installers took precautions to protect carpets etc and cleaned up well before leaving. On the snagging side (and I think it only fair to add this too) there were two very minor issues, both of which were sorted without fuss. One was that the decision at 4:30pm on the Friday evening to downsize from 4KWp  to 3.5KWp did not find its way to the accounts team, so the invoice was incorrect - a quick phone call on the day and a couple of e-mails sorted this without any quibbles.  Indeed, everyone was keen to ensure I was happy with the interim solution to get this sorted quickly, which is a sign of excellent customer service! The other was that the inverter was delivered without the expected web connect module but again, this was sorted quickly and without fuss within a couple of weeks (the module can be ordered with the inverter or odered for retro-fit but either way it is the same module).  Again, the focus was on ensuring I was comfortable as the customer and the module was installed as soon as it had been delivered to them! So, overall very impressed and would recommend highly.

What would you have liked to know before you asked suppliers to quote

This is in no way directed only at Eco2Solar but at the industry as a whole. I have a WSW-facing and smaller SSE-facing roof and while everyone who quoted set out the costs and benefits of splitting the array over both nobody provided calculations or advice to show how power generated would be distributed across the day on a split array compared to a single array on the WSW roof. Intuition (and evidence from the array I now have) suggests that a split array would have provided a more even distribution of power generated across the day, meaning less import in the morning and less export in the afternoons but without seeing calculations, taking account of my shading situation too, this remains intuition with the benefit of hindsight... I would recommend asking your potential suppliers for the modelling if you are in this situation.

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