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Solarkinetics Ltd by mikestroud - 10/11/14

Technology: Solar electricity

Product Make: 2 solar PV systems

Product Name: 2.04 & 4 Kw solar PV

General review of your supplier

In September 2014 we asked Solarkinetics to install: · an extra 2.04 Kw PV array on our own residence, the Mill House, in order to augment the existing 1.92 Kw we had been operating for the previous 4 years - installed by another company; · a new 4 Kw array on the next door property which we let out to tenants. We were recommended Solarkinetics by a friend and were extremely impressed from the start by the professionalism of their approach. In the quoting process, not only were they very thorough, but their price was considerably lower than the other quote we received: they did not try to sell us a more expensive set-up than necessary. In fact, Gordon Yule even dissuaded us from our suggestion of his installing a modification to the existing 1.92 Kw array, to improve its performance as, after some investigation, he said that he thought it would not be cost effective. The actual installations were carried out when Solarkinetics stated they would do so: even the contract scaffolders arrived when they said - an almost unique event, in my experience! Gordon and his assistant were a pleasure to have around and did an excellent job, completed on time. The performance of the panels seems, as far as I can tell, to be satisfactory, although I note that, in very low lighting conditions these polycrystalline units do not seem to function quite as efficiently as the monocrystalline ones in our original array do. However, this is hardly significant. My wife and I would not hesitate to recommend Solarkinetics to anyone - in fact, I have already done so on several occasions. Thank you very much.

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