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The Solar Electrician Ltd by scottishdave - 04/05/15

Technology: Solar electricity

Product Make: Seraphim

Product Name: Seraphim SRP-265-6MB All Black 265 Watt Solar Panel Module

General review of your supplier

The installation was for 15 no. 265 watt panels totaling 3.975 kw with 3 panels on my eastern roof and 12 on the western. I have a complicated hipped roof and did not want to put any panels on the south side as it would have spoiled the appearance of the house. Because the installation is split 3/12 and there are some shading issues from the neighbour's chimneys and roofs I have Solaredge Optimizers and a Solaredge Inverter on the system. John Smallwood made the installation possible because he was willing to take down two chimneys when he had the scaffolds in place for a very reasonable cost which was under half of the best quote I had from a roofer. If the chimneys had been left in place the shading would have been very bad and 15 panels could not have been installed. The system has been running for just over two months and the output is as predicted so far. The Solaredge technology allows you to check the performance of each individual panel giving you more confidence in the system. I specified black panels on black rails with black clips. The feet for the rails sit on tile sized rubber pads which avoided the cracking of the small concrete tiles on my roof when the roofers are moving about and installing the system. The only slight criticism I have of the installation is that some of the panels are slightly out of line vertically with the panels below but this does not affect the performance. I had a slight problem with two of the circuit breakers in the consumer unit being incorrectly fitted. John came out the next day to fix the problem.  I had to move a sewer vent pipe after the system was installed because it was shading a panel and affecting performance. I also had to contact my electricity supplier to get my supply meter changed as it was running backwards.

What would you have liked to know before you asked suppliers to quote

1. How important a lack of shading is in getting the best out of your installation. 2. The different technical issues around two string inverters, optimizers and micro-inverters. 3. The extra costs and technical issues around fitting systems to roofs with 'Rosemary' type small unit flat tiles. 4. If your supply meter runs backwards after the system is installed you have to contact your electricity supplier right away to have the meter replaced. 

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