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Advanced Renewable Power Ltd by Borolad - 17/06/15

Technology: Solar electricity

Product Make: Sun Edison+SolarEdge

Product Name: Sun Edison+SolarEdge

General review of your supplier

I began looking at PV installation in the early spring of 2014. I went through a referral service and within 24hrs had been contacted by three local companies. Two shall remain nameless and the third was ARP. Craig from ARP called to do the original site inspection and was very thorough in all aspects – measuring the roof angle, determining site aspect etc. He even looked at the possibility of installing the panels on the double-garage roof. He then spent quite some time in explaining the various systems, advantages and disadvantages. At no point was there any hard sell. The other two companies came to do their inspections and although their rep’s appeared less thorough they too were very convincing in promoting their particular installations. I was in a quandary, all of the presentations had merit and while prices were all within around £1000 of each other I couldn’t decide on a system. Then two of the companies (NOT ARP) got into a bit of unethical, in my opinion, behaviour which soured the whole process. I shelved the idea and decided to do further research. At the start of 2015 I decided to resurrect the plan, got another couple of quotes and then decided to ring ARP. Craig, I understand had left the company, but Mark was extremely helpful in his place. I arranged a site visit. The price was right, the reviews on this site and others were very favourable towards ARP and Mark’s knowledge of his company’s products was impressive. So my wife and I decided to sign a contract there and then. An installation date was set for a date less than two weeks from the time of signing. Two days prior to the system installation a team of scaffolders arrived to install roof access. They were all canny lads, who were quick, efficient and tidy. Two days later two teams of two, electricians and roofers, arrived to do the installation. They went about their work quickly, protected carpets and other furnishings and the patio area below the roof. On completion one of the electricians explained the various monitoring gadgets that came with the system. The roof panels were perfectly fitted, no unevenness, and the inverter and associated gubbins were nicely installed inside a large cupboard. When I went into the loft to check that the wiring was neat and tidy it took me a few minutes to find any trace of it such was the neatness of it. The system we went for was 14 Sun Edison panels giving a max’ output of 3.99kw and guaranteed by ARP backed by an independent trade body for 25 years. All the panels and visible supports are black, blending nicely with the dark grey roof tiles The installation included a SolarEdge inverter system which is guaranteed by the manufacturer for 12 years. The system has now been in operation for a little under a month and is performing as I expected. Unfortunately the English weather is also performing as many of us expect. However, it’s remarkable that even on a very dull and overcast day it can generate enough to power most of the appliances we have on during the day. In short, if there’s a better solar PV system installer out there I would be surprised. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone, including the back office staff, involved with ARP for their excellent service. I hope your company gets all the success you all deserve.

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Nothing in particular, I'd done the research and needed the suppliers, during the quote process to provide me with additional info'.

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