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The Solar Electrician Ltd by BMcC - 08/03/17

Technology: Solar electricity

Product Make: BYD, BenQ, Goodwe

Product Name: GoodWe ES inverter, BYD B-Box batteries, BenQ 333W PV panels

General review of your supplier

I had spoken to a couple of solar installers before John Smallwood (AKA The Solar Electrician) was recommended to me. Neither of which filled me with confidence that they could provide me with the system that I wanted. John listened very carefully to my requirements (solar PV with battery storage) taking into account the energy usage of our household. He was clear about the equipment options available to us and the optimal path to achieving what we wanted from the system. He carried out a very thorough survey of our roof and suggested we fit a 4 kWp solar PV system using BenQ 333W panels. A system of this size this meant we could go for a GoodWe ES hybrid inverter and two 2.5 kWh BYD B-Box lithium iron phosphate batteries. The final cost was way less than I had expected for a complete hybrid system including battery back-up storage. Despite appalling weather in January, the system was installed on time and within budget. I am happy to say that it has been working faultlessly ever since (John's work is also fully guaranteed, should you need it)  Even though it is still early March, the batteries are often fully charged by midday (sooner on a bright day) while at the same time supplying enough electricity to run the house and export to the grid. I still get a kick out of knowing that we are running on stored sunlight at night time :) I cannot praise John too highly. His dedication to "getting the best system" that he can, combined with his extensive knowledge and contacts make him the first person you should go to when installing a solar PV system. If you are thinking of going for battery storage I'd say just go for it! The recent energy utility price hikes are just another argument in its favour, especially with the government FIT reduction. The more of your own solar generation you can use yourself the better. It's also good to know that you'll be insulated from electricity price rises, well, forever! Update: It's now May 2017 and we have essentially been "off grid" since the end of March. We use about 25% of the total battery capacity each day for our evening use. The batteries are usually fully recharged by about 9-10 am the following morning, with the remainder used to run the house during the day and exported to the grid. The amount of electricity we now draw from the grid has dropped to a small fraction of what it was before we had the system installed. What we do draw is far outweighed by what we export back to the grid.  

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